Almost any pizza place will have more than just pizza on the menu. Wings, subs, salads, breadsticks, gyros. Anything. But there are some, if you know where to look, pizza only restaurants in Michigan. Meaning you won't find a single thing on the menu besides pizza and drinks.

Not a food truck, now. A brick and mortar, generally very well established, joint that only does pies.

These are the places that only the locals know. They may just do carryout only. These are the places that are generally the top answers when someone says on a Facebook group something lame like, 'Favorite pizza places...and go!'

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If you've never stumbled upon such a location, consider these places that only serve pizza and nothing else. Not this list does allow for 'cheese bread' which is served as a pie with cheese, garlic/oil and no red sauce.

Pizza King in Portage

Located across from the Kalamazoo Airport on Portage Road, venerable Pizza King is only open evenings, only takes cash and is carryout or delivery only.

Volcano Pizza in Battle Creek

Open just 4 hours a day, 6 days a week, Volcano patrons need to be very selective about getting their fix. This location only takes cash.

Bimbos Pizza in Kalamazoo

Located downtown near the tracks in the Haymarket, Bimbos does open for lunch, but don't expect to grab a sandwich along with a slice. It's pizza only and only pizza.

Benny DiCarta in Kalamazoo

The only chain on the list is Benny's. A Virginia institution that isn't particularly search engine friendly as each Benny's has a different last name. The sole Michigan location is in downtown Kzoo and it's only pizza, generally only slices because the pizzas are so big the boxes just might not fit in your car if you've got a compact.

When the only item on the menu is pizza and there's no distraction from anything else, you gotta think the product is going to be pretty darn good.

Can you find these kind of joints in a small town or would being in a rural area necesitate needing to have all the superfluous apps and entrees and sides on the menu?

So where else can you go and find absolutely nothing else on the menu but pizza?

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