It's been a rough seven days for a couple of businesses along Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids after two businesses were broken into only six days apart.

Break-In at Wealthy St. Bakery on April 11

On the morning of Thursday, April 11, Wealthy St. Bakery located at 610 Wealthy St. NE took to Facebook to alert customers that they would be delayed in opening for the day due to a break-in. They stated that their staff was "thankfully okay but our windows are not." They also urged any neighbors who might have caught video of the incident to send it their way.

A while later, the business was able to open and shared some photos of what the damage from the break-in looked like. Always ones to have a sense of humor, they also asked if perhaps, "the person that broke in just really wanted us to have a drive-thru window?!"

Break-In at Good Judy's on April 17

On April 17, less than a week after the Wealthy St. Bakery break-in, Good Judy's, a juice, smoothies, and snack joint at 1146 Wealthy ST. SE took to social media to let patrons know that they, too, had experienced a break-in.

The post stated that the business would be closed for the day. In their usual form, they let patrons know that they are "still smiling tho!"

Neighborhood Businesses Show Their Support

In both instances, the comments sections on social media were filled with words of support from other area businesses. Many offered to help in any way that they could.

Rise Authentic Baking commented, "You've got lotsa pals willing to help, don't hesitate to reach out!"

The folks at Mokaya, which is also located on Wealthy St. right near Wealthy St. Bakery, said, "So sorry pals! Let us know if we can do anything."

And Wanderlux Salon and Spa, another Wealthy St. business, urged them to "Come relax in a sauna session on us when you can."

Are These Break-Ins on Wealthy St. in Grand Rapids Related?

It's hard to say. Nothing about the break-ins has been released by police, and it's unclear if the perpetrators of the Wealthy St. Bakery break-in were apprehended.

How Can We Help These Businesses?

For now, we can all help these businesses by making sure that we're still giving them our business to help them through these difficult times.

Additionally, anyone who lives in or around the neighborhood who may have caught something on video related to these cases is asked to check and share anything that they find.

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