I'm a fan of spending time in the club... the Sam's Club, that is.

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I joke frequently that I should have my Sam's Club membership revoked because I abuse the privilege of buying giant bags of things and eating them all by myself (Like this group sized bag of Nerd's Clusters that I ate in three days)

Laura Hardy / TSM
Laura Hardy / TSM

But one of the most annoying things about visiting 'the club'? Waiting in line to leave so they can scan your receipt. I get why they do it, but it always makes me feel like a criminal and slows me down when I'm ready to load up and leave after spending an embarrassing amount of money.

Just this week, Walmart, the parent company of Sam's Club made a big announcement that will leave those of us who are sick of feeling like we did something wrong breathing a sigh of relief...

Sam’s Club will soon stop checking shoppers’ receipts as they leave the store.

Why is Sam's Club no longer scanning receipts?

They announced at this year's Walmart keynote at CES 2024 in Las Vegas that they now have the technology that will allow them to check shopper's carts before they leave the store.

Going forward, Sam's Club will use AI to scan your shopping cart as you go, to keep track of what you're buying. If you don't scan something in the app, or don't make your way to a checkout lane, the computer will be able to flag you and report you to loss prevention.

CES on Youtube
CES on Youtube

During their presentation, they showed two customers walking around then through the exit. One customer used the store’s app to check out while the other paid at the register. The process worked the same for both shoppers, showing that it won't change the way we shop at the store.

So, this feels like a win win for everyone, and for once something I'm actually excited to see AI used for.

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