Having your power go out can be frustrating.

If you've ever had to toss out a fridge full of groceries after they went bad due to the power going out it can also be costly.

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Recently 450,000 people found themselves in the dark after severe weather that produced 7 tornadoes hit Michigan.


4 days later almost everyone has had their power restored.

Portable electric generator running in the cold winter.
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But there is one Michigan couple who might have the worst luck out of anyone when it comes to power outages.


They live in the 'Bermuda Triangle' of power outages and claim to have had it happen 18 times this year alone.


Michigan Couple Has Lost Power 18 Times This Year

Chris and Ingrid Justice live just south of Dexter in Washtenaw County and have become all too familiar with their power going out regardless of the weather.

“DTE invariably gaslights us, and they’ll just say the reason you lose power is because the trees need trimming and the weather’s bad, That’s understandable during massive ice storms or powerful thunder cells, But their outages, ranging from several hours to several days, happen as well on clear days with 5 mph winds"


What's Being Done To Address The Issue?

According to Mlive, DTE plans to make major improvements to the grid that will harden against widespread outages by implementing millions in infrastructure upgrades, tree-trimming, and automation.

Until then Chris and Ingrid Justice have installed a home generator to deal with frequent power outages.

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