A viral TikTok video detailing a revenge murder at a Livonia High School prom turned out to be completely fabricated, according to law enforcement officials.

Credit: Canva / CBS Detroit via Facebook
Credit: Canva / CBS Detroit via Facebook

The video claimed that a man named Douglass Barnes killed a teenage girl named Samantha McCaffery, whose father, a police officer, had previously killed Barnes's son.

However, the Livonia Police Department confirmed that the story was fake news circulating on social media.

There is no Livonia High School in Michigan, and no one named Douglass Barnes or Samantha McCaffery was involved in such an incident.

A reverse image search of the mugshot included in the video only yielded results related to the fake story, suggesting the image itself was AI-generated.

Despite it being totally fake, the video got millions of views and hundreds of thousands of comments, with many people believing it to be real.

AI-generated news websites even picked up the story, cause even more people to believing it to be true.

While TikTok had announced plans to label AI-generated content, the fake murder video was not flagged.

How Did The Fake Livonia Murder Story Spread So Quickly On Social Media

It's scary that fake stories like this can spread so quickly, here's several reasons why stories such as this can go viral online.

Emotional nature of the story: The story played on strong emotions by depicting a revenge murder of a teenage girl by a man whose son was allegedly killed by the girl's police officer father.

Realistic AI-generated content: The video included an AI-generated mugshot image that appeared convincingly real.

Tendency to share without verification: Many users shared the video without fact-checking or verifying the information, contributing to its rapid dissemination across various social media platforms.

I wish more people online would think before they blindly share something.

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