You don't have to look very far to figure out nearly every grocery store has its own cult following.

There are those people who SWEAR they'll only shop at Whole Foods or those who make a weekly trip to Walmart where they can get every essential their family needs in one stop.

One popular grocer mostly known for its cheaper-than-usual prices if banking on its fans being interested in wearing its brand.

Grocery Store Debuts Branded Shoe

If you haven't been paying attention, ALDI has an entire clothing line for people who want to wear the store's logo with pride. There's ALDI-branded hats, hoodies and shirts.

There's even a section on their website to get clothes for dogs. In case you were wondering, ALDI doesn't even allow dogs in their stores. Could your very good boy really THAT big of an ALDI fan when he's not allowed through the front door?

For the two-legged ALDI fanatics, the store has launched its own line of tennis shoes complete the the grocer's logo on the side.

White ALDI branded shoe photo

And in keeping with ALDI's price-conscious mentality, the shoes only cost $13.

ALDI Fans Willing To Pay Up For Resale Items

The branded shoes are ALDI's latest entry into the world of apparel. Judging by some of the resale prices on previously released items, the store likely won't stop producing merch anytime soon.

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A pair of the newly released ALDI shoes has already been posted on popular resale website Poshmark for $39. Secondhand Canvas slip-on shoes will set you back $42 if you use the resale site.

That's quite a mark-up from the original asking price of $13.

Here is a look at how ALDI ranks in popularity among all grocery stores.

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