A Southwest flight attendant is going viral on TikTok thanks to a passenger's video of the airplane worker serenading the cabin with her rendition of "God Bless the U.S.A."

In the video, a man and woman are seen attempting to hold in their shocked laughter as the flight attendant belts out the patriotic 1984 song by Lee Greenwood.

At one point, a woman offscreen asks, "Is this the national anthem? What is this?"

"Southwest pls explain and to the girl sitting next to me who asked if this is the national anthem ily," the woman said in the caption.

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The performance was presumably in honor of Memorial Day, but many people observed that the lights were dim in the video, meaning it was most likely early in the morning.

One person in the comments claimed that they had the same flight attendant and that she did, in fact, sing the song at 6 a.m.

"No because I had that same flight attendant but she was singing this at 6am," the person wrote.

"I SWEAR I HAD THIS SAME LADY WHEN I FLEW TO FLORIDA FROM NEVADA I WAS SO OVER IT. I just wanted silence," another person said.

"Lights are dimmed. Did she do this while everyone was trying to sleep?" another viewer observed.

The woman has also allegedly built up a reputation for singing to passengers, according to the comments section.

"Pretty sure I had her years ago, singing 'workin on the railroad' but she changed the lyrics to include plane engines, Texas, and SW airlines lol," one person said.

"Stop i was on the flight from philly to atl with her right before they got yall and she sang 'you are my sunshine,'" one person added.

"No because she sang whitney houston’s i will always love you to my flight yesterday," someone else shared.

Another person shared a similar story about the flight attendant covering Whitney Houston.

"This reminded me when a southwest flight attendant sang I will always love you by whitney houston as we’re descending with turbulence and I definitely thought the plane was going down," they wrote in the comments.

"Why has every person in the comments been on the same flight with this flight attendant? Yall I’m cryinggggggggg," one viewer said.

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