Ellie Goulding was seemingly struck by a stray firework during her performance at Victorious Festival in Portsmouth, England, Sunday (Aug. 27).

The singer was in the midst of her Calvin Harris collaboration "Miracle" when two fireworks part of the stage pyrotechnics shot upward, with one grazing what appeared to be her face or her arm.

"Ah, f--k," Goulding exclaimed in surprise, turning away from the audience.

However, she immediately picked the song back up and continued singing and dancing like nothing had happened.

Watch the moment, below:

The moment was so quick and her reaction was so nonchalant that many fans didn't even realize what had happened at first.

"I went there yesterday ... I [saw] that but didn’t know she got hit," one person commented.

"Omg I didn’t realize that’s why she laughed," another person wrote.

"I didn’t even notice live," someone else shared.

Meanwhile, Goulding posted about the festival as normal on her social media, including in an Instagram story where she wrote, "Thank you so much @victoriousfestival."

In a follow-up story on Aug. 29, the pop star confirmed she was "OK" following the firework mishap. "Pyro didn't hit me directly in the face. Face is intact. Love you thank you," she wrote.

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Goulding shared an uplifting message with her fans on Instagram just days before the performance.

"I don’t know who needs to hear this but ... keep going!" she wrote in the caption.

Now, the song "Miracle" may take on a new meaning due to the near-disastrous accident, but prior to that performance, Goulding revealed the song is one of her 2-year-old son Arthur's favorites.

"He's nearly 2. That's the best thing, that this album I get to see his reaction which is the greatest of all. Not when he puts his fingers in his ears to some of them. But mostly... he loves 'Miracle,' and he loves 'How Long Will I Love You' for some reason. That one too," Goulding said, according to The Daily Mail.

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