Right now as I'm writing this, Donald Trump owes $465,271,213.42...and as I finished typing that number his escalating debt has already jumped past $465,271,282.25.

Yes, we can all watch Trump's debt increase like a ticking clock as the dollar amount with interest rises second by second, live, after a massive, victorious verdict against Donald Trump for engaging in years of extensive financial fraud in New York to enrich himself along with Donald Trump, Jr., Eric Trump, and his former executives, according to HuffPost.

A guy named Johnny Palmadessa created the website that tracks the daily interest from his civil fraud judgment penny by penny, dollar by dollar, watching the number rise daily to the tune of around $112,000 to $114,000 daily on top of the $355 million he owes, according to HuffPost.

Johnny Palmadessa is a Pennsylvania-based Democratic strategist and this website in real-time is the only active one monitored by an accountant to ensure accuracy.

Debt check: Trump now owes more than $645,271,371 and counting.

Welcome to the Trump Debt Counter which has captivated millions including myself because there's never been anything like it. We're talking about a former twice-impeached United States President who lost the popular vote by a bigger margin than any other US president in history according to The Independent to win his only presidency, and who's rated as the worst president in American history according to The Guardian.

As we all know, Trump currently has 91 felony counts against him from four indictments across two state courts and two different federal districts, any of which could potentially produce a prison sentence, according to The Atlantic.

According to Meidas Touch, Palmadessa's motivation to create this website is pure transparency stemming from a bipartisan commitment so yes, we the public, can now watch in real-time how much Trump owes after his guilty verdict of fraud.

These penalties, just to remind you, are from a months-long trial where Trump, his sons, and top executives were found guilty of engaging in fraud for years by hugely overstating their assets on financial documents to get rates on bank loans and insurance policies that they otherwise would not have been entitled to, according to NBC.

According to Meidas Touch, Palmadessa's coder is a Republican and the accountant is an independent.

The bipartisan effort behind the Trump Debt Counter website reflects a growing trend of individuals from diverse backgrounds coming together to promote transparency and accountability in the political landscape. Palmadessa’s goal is to empower others to stay informed and engaged in matters of public interest.

Debt check and counting is now more than $465,271,471 and counting.

I wonder where it is now as you finish reading this?

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