Rapper BM of K-pop group Kard recently announced his upcoming solo tour and gave fans some hints about what to expect, including an NSFW anecdote.

He revealed to fans in a livestream that he's been hitting the gym to get ready for his concerts because he'll be "Naked on tour and s--t."

When fans in the live chat reacted with shock to his statement, BM quickly clarified that he'll only be kind of naked.

"I'm not gonna be fully naked. That's a lawsuit!" the rapper joked.

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"You guys are crazy. Like half-naked! I'll have my shirt off, obviously," he clarified.

"I'm getting there. You know, I'm getting toned and nice," he added.

A fan shared a clip from the livestream on TikTok.

"He knows we’re feral animals so he had to backtrack [real quick]," one fan commented on the TikTok video.

One person stumbled across the video and decided to become a BM fan then and there.

"Somebody put me on his music so I can buy tickets to his tour," the person said.

"You about to be what!?!??" another fan joked.

BM made his debut as a member of the co-ed group Kard in 2016 after moving to South Korea from L.A. in 2011 to pursue music.

He first went solo in 2021 with the single "Broken Me" and most recently dropped "lowkey" and the track that he named his tour after, "ATAP (After the After Party)."

The U.S. tour – his first solo – is set to kick off on May 14 in Los Angeles and will hit six different cities including Chicago and Dallas.

Plus, the musician upped the excitement by simultaneously announcing that a new EP is on the way.

"Taking new music on this tour," he announced on Twitter/X.

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