Many high school athletes have aspirations to go on and play college sports but only a small percentage of them are able to make the leap and sustain the workload. An even smaller percentage of those individuals are doing so at the Division I level. Nonetheless, all college athletes deserve recognition for the work they put in as they all strive for Conference and National championships in their respective sports.

Western Michigan University is one of 5 Division I schools in the state of Michigan and has brought many great sporting events to the city of Kalamazoo. From the extremely talented football and hockey teams that have sent many players to the professional leagues to the other sports on campus competing in contests that will never be forgotten. There have been plenty of winning teams and this year the trend continues.

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The fall sports season at the collegiate level sees a number of different sports played as many different athletes represent the school on their respective courts and fields. As the winter months begin the fall sports start their playoff process, outside of football which lasts through most of the winter. Each sport crowns a regular season and tournament champion for every sport outside of football and Western has a trophy case full of both awards.

This year, three different teams are adding Regular Season Conference Championship trophies to those cases and hanging up Conference Champions banners after boasting phenomenal records during the season. Both the Men's and Women's Soccer teams and the Women's Volleyball team were crowned Regular Season Mid America Conference (MAC) Champions in the past couple of weeks(the Men's Soccer Championship was in the Missouri Valley Conference(MVC) as the MAC soccer conference dissipated at the end of last season).

All three teams posted perfect conference records in the regular season and clinched the number 1 seeds in their respective conference tournaments. Unfortunately, both soccer teams have already dropped contests in their conference tournaments, therefore ending their seasons for the year. The volleyball team will host the MAC Championship at University Roadhouse, where they will look to win a Conference Tournament Championship and earn an NCAA tournament bid.

Regardless of how the volleyball season ends, they can all call themselves champions for life. The school will forever remember their teams and will have trophies and banners in their honor. They will be able to live with these memories forever and call back on them later in life, with teammates who have now become lifelong friends. Once again, Western Michigan University is a college of champions.

Western Michigan University Broncos in the NFL

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