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Since I moved back to Michigan, I have dived head first into all things from home that I missed. Mostly food lol. That first Vernors. Better Made Chips. That first CONEY (Detroit style, not Flint...sorry, not my tempo lol).

Just recently, friends have been talking about a spring time Michigan tradition that I forgot about. And to be honest, I never really took part in. And full disclosure, I've never tasted one.

I'm talking about the elusive Morel Mushroom. And folks are ultra protective about their stash and where they find them.

Oh you'll hear stories about, "We went hunting for Morels this weekend". But unless you're as close as family, you didn't and won't get the invite nor will you be able to share in the spoils of the hunt. I've even seen folks online saying that they would be willing to pay TOP PRICE for them ($50 a pound - FOR REAL?!?).

Are these things like truffles? Do they taste THAT good?

Guess I'll have to find out for myself and go looking.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has an interactive map that is expected to help those who are looking for morel mushrooms across the state.

According to the DNR, large burn sites in forested areas are ideal for morel mushrooms, especially in burned areas where jack, white, or red pine once grew.

The map, which can be seen by clicking here , shows large burn areas that occurred over the last few years. (WXYZ)

Plus, here are some tips I found online for when you find these elusive, delicious beauties.

Additional Tips and Tricks:

  • To avoid picking and consuming false morels, I recommend that you purchase a good mushroom identification book or better yet, go with someone who has experience with finding morel mushrooms.
  • Be sure to carry a compass and/or GPS.
  • Dress appropriately for walking in the woods, keep your skin covered and wear boots or closed toe shoes.
  • Beware of ticks.
  • Do your best to avoid trespassing.
  • Have fun, morel mushroom hunting is a wonderful family activity, kids are great at spotting morels.
  • When you find a good area, please let me know where it is; I will be sure to keep your secret.
  • Mesh bags are encouraged in order for the spores of the mushrooms to be dispersed as you continue your hunt, and therefore increase or maintain the morel population. (Credit:

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