It's summertime and the ticks are out. If you are an outdoors person or have a dog you may already be ready for all of the notes on how to avoid them but in case you needed a refresher here it is.

First make sure to always Check your pets every day for ticks, this means even when you walk with them. Ticks are small and can travel really well.

Next, Learn how to safety remove a tick. First make sure to NEVER REMOVE With your hands! It can spread disease to you and your pet. Get your pet a tick stick to properly remove the dangerous tick from their body.

Also Clear tall grass and tall bushes in your yard, as this is where ticks like to live and prey on pets and human as well.

Finally to best fight off ticks and disease, Have Your Veterinarian Do A Tick Check At Every Visit And Use Tick Prevention Products. Vets know where to look and can help with products to avoid these little things.

In addition with ticks they carry Lyme disease as well as a new tick-borne disease called Powassan virus. Doctors says that a small portion of people can die if they get it but it can be avoided if you find it early enough. To read more about it you can here. 

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