As you know when we get to tax season that means that the scammers come out of the woods and start their robocall scams again. The most recent rash of robocalls have been threatening to arrest people for failure to pay their requests for money.

The Michigan AG's Office has said that these robocalls, which are calls clearly made by a recording and not a human, are coming up more frequently and will now that it is tax season. The robocalls create panic for you so that you will pay them money that you may or may not owe. The AG's Office also warns of these robocalls and calls in general cause the US Government won't call you if you owe them money. Also some complaints about robocalls are that the person on the other end has a thick accent or may sound from out of the country, if you get one of these calls HANG UP! Don't pay them, don't answer their questions, JUST HANG UP. Also it is illegal for any telemarketer to accept a money transfer; a PIN from a cash reload card; or ask for your bank account info to get payment.

Watch for these area codes - they were the top ten worst offenders in 2017: (202); (469); (312); (817); (832); (210); (281); (909) and (214)

Read more about it here, but just watch out and always check your credit score especially around this time of year

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