We're #1! We're #1! That's right, Michigan has officially been named the best state in the country! Well, according to one source anyway... Thrillist. Sure, Michigan, just like any other state has it's pros and cons... but it's the numerous pros that shot us to the number one spot!

The list, compiled by Thrillist editors Kevin Alexander and Matt Lynch, names a multitude of reasons why Michigan, in all it's awesomeness, sits in the number one position...

  1. Michigan beats out all states, except for Alaska, when it comes to miles of coastline. 3,126 miles to be exact!
  2. Michigan is home to a buttload of breweries and therefore, delicious craft beers. (Buttload is my term; Thrillist calls it "an embarrassment of beer riches" and put Michigan in the #4 spot when it comes to best beers in America!)
  3. The Upper Peninsula's picturesque beauty.
And those are just some of the reasons! Now you might be thinking that these editors were a little bias when putting together this list, but keep in mind that neither editor calls the Mitten home. Alexander is from Texas, Massachusetts, and California and Lynch hails from Illinois. But the guys totally get that there is still much to discuss when it comes to each state's rank. Before they even get into the list, the pair says,  "As this is the Internet, we expect disagreements...This is fine. What we’d prefer, though, is for it to start the same sort of debate Matt and I had when sorting out the rankings." So, perhaps don't take this list too seriously.
I for one, think they kind of nailed the list. I mean, most people tend to say their state is the best, but it's really just a matter of opinion. And despite it's downfalls, Michigan is pretty freaking awesome. The one rank I think they really nailed though, was Ohio... #48 seems a good place for them. What do you think? Did Thrillist get their list right in making Michigan #1? Or do you think another state is more deserving of that number one spot?