"US" New York Premiere
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I've given it a week. I've avoided spoiling it. I've done my part. Now, let's dive in and talk about Jordan Peele's "Us".

In a nutshell, I'm underwhelmed. I watched and rode this one out to the end. And that's where it let me down. I was down with everything going on, the suspense, the doppelgangers...everything. And mind you, this isn't a horror movie to me. More psychological thriller. And if you're expecting "Get Out" part 2...forget about it.

Did I mention there were spoilers here? It's in the title so if you've made it this far and are gonna be pissed about me telling you about stuff in the movie, you've got no one to blame but yourself.

When we see what was happening to the one family (this whole doppelganger/home invasion thing), but the one down the road as well - my interest was peaked and I was like...ok...let's see where this goes.

But then, it was happening nationwide. And the whole "Hands Across America" thing.

And then the "tethered"? What? And what really happened to baby girl in the house of mirrors. And the rabbits? And the scissors. All the symbolism.

It's just that...when they got to the why, I was like "really"? That's it? And then, the "twist"?

The juice wasn't worth the squeeze for me.

And I had to go do some digging and some research to find out what I had missed. Was I the only one? And trust me, if I have to turn to YouTube to find out what a movie was really all about - and I saw that movie myself, that's no bueno for me. And then folks say things like, "well if you need your horror movies spelled out for you" like I'm some moron who can't follow a plot to it's resolution. I made it to the end. It's just that me and the director's vision didn't quite see eye to eye. And I didn't like it.

Remember that YouTube video I spoke of. Thanks to the folks at New Rockstars for helping a brotha out. They are responsible for what you are about to see that will explain what all the "commotion" about "Us" really is.

Actually, here's another explanation of the ending from INSIDER via YouTube. I feel you need a couple of things to help you through this mess. BTW, at the writing of this blog, it appears that "Us" will be #2 it's second week out sandwiched between Disney's Dumbo  at #1 and Captain Marvel holding on to #3.



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