Today October 16th, 2020 will be my final day on the air waves of 97.5 Now. I was so excited to come here 5 years ago, and yes it was almost 5 years ago because my first show was October 20th, 2015, and now I'm saying goodbye.

But I won't be leaving Lansing. I live here and own a house, have a dog and have a future here or in the area. The biggest reason for me being here in the future is because of another life change for me because I'm engaged to the love I met here in Lansing. Her name is Jessica and it feels like we are married because we have been together and lived together but I'm so ecstatic to make it official! And we haven't made it social media official but we will soon and you see when that happens on my social media Here, and here. And see a pic below of my dog with a great bib proclaiming "My Humans Are Getting Married"

TSM: MaxOnYourRadio
TSM: MaxOnYourRadio


Again I'm not leaving Lansing, so whenever we can do more things again I'll be out to see it all and you might see me. I'll probably be wearing some sort of 97.5 Now merch like a shirt or jacket or facemasks (not that I'm advertising but there are 97.5 Now facemasks in the merch store)


Any way Lansing I had so much fun entertaining you on the airwaves over the last 5 years and who knows I might be back soon. But right now I'm working on my side project doing short form documentaries about college sports and the history of college sports, it is called Wronged Sports and please check it out here and you can follow me on Twitter.

I hope that I spread positivity on air and hopefully it made your drive home, end of work, or wherever you were listening. Continue to listen, especially to Mornings at Large as Large is a great broadcaster, host, and person and definitely keep listening to him in the mornings.

Goodbye for now Lansing.

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