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Should You Invite Kids To Your Child's Birthday Even If You Don't Like Their Parents?

Our question of the day revolves around HOW PETTY can we really get? Would we go so far as to let it affect us and our interactions with our kids?

Your kid is going to have a birthday party. Well, you're going to throw a birthday party for your kid. And that's stressful enough. You want to make sure your kid shares it with all their friends. But some of your kid's friends parents...you don't get along with. For whatever reason. Y'all ain't having it with one another. And you can't fathom the idea of spending one moment with them. Not even for the sake of your kid at their birthday party. So do you resist the pettiness and let it go? Or do you stick to your guns and tell them no. Don't invite them. Maybe even modify it and say they can drop their kid off, but they aren't invited. How do you or would you handle it! Plenty of responses this morning! Take a listen!

A flat out rejection right off the bat! Nope, not inviting them and she doesn't feel bad about it.

Put the drama aside. Stop acting like kids as adults. Too much drama.

You can't punish the child. It's just ignorant!

And this last call: She got invited to a b-day party, was told to rsvp, and if she wasn't coming that she had to provide a reason as to why she wasn't coming.

What do you think?


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