It's Michigan, ya know.  It's hard to know exactly what to expect the weather to do, but regardless, this Saturday's Insane Inflatable 5K Fun Run is happening rain or shine!

Insane Inflatable takes your standard 5K and adds 11 giant inflatable obstacles, turning the event into much more than just a walk or run.  Bounce, slide, climb, roll, tumble and more, on and through the inflatables, and do it all at your own pace, because it's not a race.  Insane Inflatable isn't a contest either.  It's just the chance to let your inner kid -- the one that wants to jump on the bed with the kids rather than tell the kids not to jump on the bed -- out to play.

It happens at Hope Sports Complex and also features a midway with food, drinks, music, vendors and more.

Find out more and get your last-minute tickets here.