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If you have never heard of Solar Flares or Solar storms they are from the Sun. The Solar storms slightly disrupt the Earth’s magnetosphere, because the solar winds and flares interact with Earth’s electromagnetic fields. The Earth has its own electromagnetic field, which can withstand a lot of the Sun's solar flares, but usually on the first day of Spring and Fall is when there is even more activity as the Earth and Sun are aligned.

In addition, if you are feeling more tired, annoyed or just frazzled it might be from that. These solar flares and storms affect humans as we all have a personal electromagnetic field, or an aura, around us and they can be disrupted as well.  According to, "Cosmic energy has been at an alarmingly high intensity for some weeks now, and it is likely that many people are feeling frazzled and exhausted."

You can read more about it here. And if you are feeling down or exhausted by about the 24th is when these solar flares won't be affecting us as much so your body will be normal again.

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