EAST LANSING, MI - The Michigan State University community gathered outside the John A. Hannah Administration Building on campus Friday to call for the collective resignation of MSU leadership.

The protest came as a result of displeasure with the school's response to the Larry Nassar survivors, many of whom have criticized the school for not doing more to prevent sexual assault.

The saga, reached a new level early last week when survivor Kaylee Lorincz alleged at a Board of Trustees meeting that Engler attempted to bribe her with $250,000.

In response to the accusations, a top Engler aide and MSU vice president, Carol Viventi used the term "fake news" to describe Lorincz's claims.

Friday's protests were aimed at both Engler and the Board of Trustees.

By the end of the event, the Hannah statue, which stands outside the Administration Building, was covered in yellow caution tape, holding a sign that read "President Engler Silences Survivors."


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