Are 'Ice Volcanoes' the new 'Ice Balls' along the Michigan shore?

The National Weather Service of Grand Rapids shared a really cool picture of what they're calling 'Ice Volcanoes' this Sunday afternoon on Twitter,

It was a great day to visit the beach and watch the waves interact with the ice. Here's a couple "ice volcanoes" erupting at Oval Beach on Sunday, February 16, 2020. #miwx #wmiwx

The 'Ice Volcanoes' as seen above in Saugatuck, have come along about the same time as the famous 'Ice Balls' started making their appearnces along the West Michigan shoreline of Lake Michigan.  You can see an example of ice balls forming at Holland state Park by clicking here.

My personal favorite Lake Michigan winter phenomenon would have to be ice covered lighthouses.  You can see pictures of that from 2016 at the main South Haven pier by clicking here.

Maybe it would be a good idea to visit your favorite West Michigan beach when the winter blues are bringing you down.

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