Ice-T has done a lot on his time on planet Earth. He helped pioneer gangsta rap. He co-founded a heavy metal band. He transitioned into acting and has a role on a long-running television show. But one thing the Cali OG have never done is drink coffee or eat a bagel. Never.

The rapper made the revelation on Twitter on Friday (Nov. 9). He was responding to a Twitter user who asked why he chose a cinnamon raisin bagel for his character on the show. "Lol.. That’s what they wrote...," he replied. He followed up with, "Lol. I’ve never eaten a Bagel in my life..."

The post received a bunch of stunned responses on Twitter from people who could not believe Ice has never in his entire life bitten into a bagel. Especially since he's played a detective on Law and Oder: Special Victims Unit for the last 18 years. Some were in disbelief, while others offered to send him some bagels to try. Ice added one more thing to really mess with people's heads. "I’ve never drank a cup of Coffee ☕️ either... Go CRAZY!!!" he added.

In other Ice-T related news, the entertainer, who would prefer that he and his wife not be compared to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, was arrested last month while on his way to work. Ice was taken into custody for driving through a bridge toll in New York City without paying. He was pulled over after going through the E-Z pass lane without the proper card. He claimed he did not know his pass was not working and was later let free to go.

Check out Ice T's tweets revealing he's never indulged in coffee or a bagel and people's responses below.

See Fans' Shocked Reactions to Ice-T Admitting He's Never Had a Bagel or Coffee

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