UPDATED 6:49am 3/12/15
The eastbound lanes of I-94 between Southfield Freeway and I-96 remain closed a day after a massive tanker explosion and may stay closed for up to a week.  The damage to the roadway is being called "much worse" than anticipated.

There were only minor injuries related to the incident, which involved a crash between the truck and two other vehicles, one of which ended up in the westbound lanes.

The cause of the crash is still undetermined.

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I-94 will likely remain closed into the evening rush after a tanker explosion Wednesday morning.  Video showing the burning truck also shows two cars, one on each side of the median, burning as well.

Eastbound drivers are advised to exit I-94 at Southfield and westbound drivers should take I-96.

The driver of the truck is said to have received minor injuries.  No word on the drivers of the other vehicles and no official word yet on what caused the explosion.  The truck was reportedly carrying a petroleum product.

Check out this insane video from WJBK-TV.