On Reddit, a pregnant woman who was in labor for 26 hours was frustrated that her husband wouldn't stop calling his buddies during her delivery. Eventually, the nurse took notice of her stress and asked him to leave.

Sharing her story on Reddit, the new mom explained how the situation unfolded.

"I was in a lot of pain as I didn't take an epidural," the woman wrote via Reddit. "My husband was constantly on the phone either playing games or talking with his 'bros,' being really loud. When I asked him to please hang up, he'd hang up the phone and then like 10 mins later call them back."

The woman explained the man's friends were on a "boys' trip without him" at the time.

"He apologized to them, blaming it on me being a nag. I was really annoyed and told him if he wanted to talk to his friend[s], he could do that elsewhere so I can be in pain in peace," she continued.

At one point, the man's mom FaceTimed him, during which he proceeded to put his wife on the video call.

Things escalated when the woman's mother-in-law shared a memory from when she was pregnant and arrived in the delivery room with her hair and makeup done. The mother-in-law said she "looked so good the doctor even was flirting with her."

The woman bit her tongue as she "didn't want to disrespect" her mother-in-law. "At the same time, she sometimes just makes the stupidest comments at the worst times, and at this moment, I could not stand talking to her," she wrote.

Eventually, the nurse in the delivery room noticed the tension and stepped in, asking the woman's husband to leave the room.

"She ends up kicking out my husband, and in turn, he ends up missing the birth of our firstborn daughter," the woman continued, adding her husband was so mad that he left the hospital, refusing to meet his daughter.

He later told his wife that she ruined a daddy-daughter bonding moment and that he will never forgive her.

Now, the woman is wondering on Reddit: "Am I the a--hole for kicking my husband out of the delivery room because he was making phone calls?"

In the comments, Reddit users rallied behind the new mom.

"I absolutely love and adore my partner, and he is literally only green flags. I'm pregnant, and if he did even one of the things on this list while I was actively in labor, I would get my friends to pack my s--t up and never come home to him. This is disgusting behavior," one user wrote.

"You didn't 'kick him out'. The nurse did because she was concerned for your health and the health of your baby. He chose to leave the hospital. He chose to boycott the hospital. He chose to be an a--hole in the delivery room by not being there for you and for FaceTiming with his mum who started to make everything about her (who does that?)," another commented.

"Yes, it's boring watching your wife suffer through labor pains, but the answer isn't to act like a two-year-old and play with your phone. If it was boring for him, can't he guess what it was like for you? You were bored, in pain, and concerned about your baby. He has regrets because he messed up. Now he's trying to blame you. I'm sure that you have some regrets now too, like why are you with this jerk?" someone else weighed in.

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