Howell has been working on their downtown and telling everyone its great for years and finally Howell has won the 2018 "Great American Main Street" award.  Howell beat out more than 1600  "Main Street America" communities for the top spot. Howell has been in this competition a few years and this year they finally won.

Howell is also an active participant in Michigan Economic Development Corp's "Michigan Main Street" program, which is a program that has aimed to create communities distinguished by a “sense of place.” They do this by creating a sense of place and development in the downtown area and making it more economically and culturally stronger and diverse.

Officials from Howell have said there's a  passion and pride in downtown Howell and they are so excited to have won this year.

If you have never been Howell's downtown there are so many shops and yummy restaurants as well as cultural institutions like the Howell Opera House and Howell Movie Theatre. You can take a tour of the downtown here, from WLNS.

Plus you can see more about the competition and the other downtowns that couldn't beat out Howell, here.  

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