There have been so many big things to happen at the Pontiac Silverdome and now you can watch one final thing....the explosion of the Silverdome.

The Silverdome won't be exploded once and that's it, no it will actually have one small explosion and then several months of breaking it down and cleaning up the area. The city of Pontiac announced Tuesday that the small explosion is scheduled to happen inside the Silverdome on Sunday at 8:30 a.m.  The blast will break metal beams on the perimeter of the stadium that kept its roof inflated, so much of the structure of the Silverdome will come down. If you want to view it there will be a way for you to see it there is viewing and parking at the Water Resources Commission's parking lot.

Once the explosion is over, the remainder of demolition work will be done with hydraulic excavators and completed in sections.  The long process is expected to take about a year and after that the area will be used for commercial space in Pontiac.  Here's more from the Detroit Free Press.

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