School year round? Saturday School? These are just two of options that are being looked at while school districts discuss how or when to start the next school year. According to AP, districts are trying to figure out how to get kids back to school so they don't fall even more behind. Some districts have proposed holding evening or Saturday classes, while a Maryland senator has proposed school year-round, and in California it was suggest the next school year could begin as soon as July.

The biggest reason for this discussion taking place is because of the "summer slide". This usually happens with students every year when summer break happens and students come back to school and it takes a while for them to get back to the school day. With school being closed for the last two and a half months it is past the summer slide point and educator are nervous that it might take a two or three years for students to catch up.

Technology is another reason for the school year discussion as some students don't have a computer or internet access which would enable them to continue online schooling. Some districts that had the money may have been able to give computers to students but most districts weren't able to so some students may be falling even further behind.

Teachers and administrators have different opinions as teachers favor business as usual when the year starts, so not going back to where they left off and give help to students who need it. Administrators meanwhile are leaning towards beginning the new school year where teachers left off in April, with possible testing as well in the fall to see how far behind students really are.

There are a lot of questions that still need to be answered but these are just some of the things that have been discussed. What do you think? Do you think we need school year round when school comes back? Evening school? Night School? More testing? Tell us on our App using the "CHAT" feature.

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