Anyone who lives in Michigan and has been to Mackinac Island has probably heard the term "Fudgie" before. Maybe many of us have even been one before, totally fine, but what does it all really mean?

WTF: What The Fudgie?

Big Seven Travel defines "Fudgie" as someone who is basically a tourist...but with a special twist.

"A fudgie is a tourist who is visiting one of several northern Michigan areas with shops selling fudge and ice cream," they said. "The nickname comes from the fact that few tourists will be able to resist buying the region’s famous fudge."

Now this begs the question, do people who live in areas famous for fudge actually use this term?

A Mackinac Island Resident Explains

Scrolling through TikTok one day, I stumbled upon @baileyyjanette who is a woman about my age who actually lives on Mackinac Island year-round and documents her experience.

I followed her on Instagram and we actually both ended up knowing OF each other so I figured who better to ask on the subject than an expert!

First and foremost Bailey said, "Island residents absolutely do call tourists fudgies! That's how the term came about."

While fudgies are definitely easy to identify (we'll get to that) and it seems like a snarky term at first, Bailey says the island does love having them around!

"I love tourists! For six months our island is so small and our world completely changes come summer time," Bailey said. "The STORIES I hear from people all over the world make our tiny island feel less tiny."

What Do Fudgies Look Like?

How to Spot a Fudgie on Mackinac Island

We know "Fudgie" is a nickname for people who visit Mackinac Island...Here's how to spot someone who just can't FUDGE their "fudginess."

"Fudge It Up"

Listen, there is nothing wrong with doing what makes you happy in a place as happy and magical as Mackinac Island.

It's a well-known fact Mackinac Island is home to some of the world's finest fudge and even Bailey says she still does "geek out about all things Mackinac" and she actually loves "playing fudgie."

"When you see empty store fronts in the winter, it definitely makes you appreciate the variety of life in the summer time," she said. "I try to fudge it up as often as possible, but you can never go wrong with a sunset bike ride picnic."

At the end of the day, Mackinac Island means so much to us here in Michigan, no matter how you experience it, just make sure you enjoy it as much as you possibly can.

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