As Coronavirus fear sweep the world, people are taking extra precautions to avoid getting it. If you are choosing to avoid being in public to protect yourself, here are some ways to occupy yourself.

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It's no secret that while this is a serious health issue, people have still not held back from having a bit of a sense of humor about it, like this post pointing out how being told to just not go out is a bit of a dream for introverts.

  • 1

    Curl Up

    If the world is giving you a reason and a free pass to be lazy, you've gotta take it!

    This blanket has plenty of options from wrapping up in a waffle, a pizza or the ever-famous burrito.

  • 2

    Get A Jump On Spring Cleaning

    If you are looking to still be (somewhat) productive during this time and get some cleaning/organization done. Go through and get rid of clothes you no longer wear, junk you no longer need or just things you know have been out of place for too long!

  • 3

    Catch Up On Some Reading

    Whether it is a self-help book or your favorite fiction, staying inside gives you the perfect opportunity to read up. Coincidentally enough, March is "reading month"!

  • 4

    "Got Any Games?"

    If you've got plenty of decks of cards or some other card games you can play with friends, good on you! If you would rather game it up solo, a word search can provide endless hours of fun (and a little frustration). Might we suggest this one that takes you on a musical adventure through the 60's?

  • 5

    Practice Proper Washing

    Now that we have been advised to use better handwashing techniques, making sure to wash for at least 20 seconds, you notice how bad some people are at it. To avoid the embarrassment of not washing correctly, use this time to practice! Set up a timer, get your favorite soap handy and get scrubbing!

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