Technically, it's not a hunting license, but a "questing" license, because Unicorn tastes bad, but there is a Unicorn Hunting Society in Michigan. 

The Unicorn Hunters Society was the brainchild of the late W.T. Rabe, a public relations director at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie.

It was established in 1971 as a way to get publicity for LSSU. The odd society prompted national news organizations to come to the campus to film students scouring nearby forests allegedly hunting for the elusive one horn creature.

Andrea Tummons via Unsplash
Andrea Tummons via Unsplash

The students at the school took to the Society, and flourished, yielding many off shoots, including a literary magazine called Wood Runners and another odd event 'Snowman Burning', a tradition which lives on to this day.

The Unicorn Hunters remained on campus until about 1987 when it faded from popularity at the school, however, in honor of Rabe, the school still offers a Unicorn Hunting License (although they now refer to it as Unicorn 'Questing'). There is also a page of rules you can download.

Unicorn Hunting can be fun, and this family shows you how it can be a family activity that promotes imagination and freezing cold feet.


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