The weather is getting warmer and gas prices are going down and if you want to save some more money you may drive on empty a time or two. This might be risky for some cars but also it may surprise you at how many miles you can get from your car when that "Empty Light" goes on.

According to, sedans get about 30 miles and larger SUVs get about 90 miles from when the warning light comes on. But they put together a really helpful chart that shows how many miles your car can travel while on empty. The chart, based on popular 2015 models, doesn’t cover every car, but you can estimate what this means for your car based upon other makes and models that are from the same brand.

To see the Full Chart from Your Mechanic go here. The chart will list the Car's Make, and Model, along with how many gallons you have when you car's empty light goes on, and how long you have till you are done.

Some cars that have good millage on "E" are:

  • Toyota - Carolla or Camry - have about 2 gallons when light goes on - Should give you a range of 50-70 miles until you are empty.
  • Nissan - Altima - Has 3 gallons when Empty Light is on - But it will give you the most distance as it can go 81-114 miles before it is done.
  • Jeep - Grand Cherokee - One of the bigger cars but the Empty light will go on when there is about 3 gallons left - It should give you about 66-90 miles thought so for one of the bigger cars it is one of the better ones.\
  • Ford - Mustage, Edge, Fusion, Escape - Empty light will go on all of these cars with 1/16th of a tank left, but will give you about 35-80 miles.
  • Kia and Hyundai vehicles placed further down the chart but it was harder for these cars to be charted.

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