Unfortunately the two-wheeled non-hovering but cool looking scooter is now completely banned from the MSU campus. This is coming off of a previous ban that disallowed it in dorms, but now hoverboards are banned from all of campus now.

Hoverboards have started to get increasingly more banned as more and more reports are coming out that the lithium battery that power it can catch fire. Even though there haven't been any reports of them catching fire on the MSU campus they are taking pre-caution so that it will never happen.

Some students are not happy with the ban but some are not bothered by it cause not that many people ride on them.

I'm particularly not surprised by the ban but now that hoverboards are banned from sidewalks and roads, they are pretty much useless unless someone can fix the supposed it catching fire issue.  I have rode on a hoverboard before and must say they are fun but i think walking or riding a bike or skateboard like always is probably a better way to get around campus and East Lansing.