So, I'm not the only one, then?

Pick any three local establishments and I'd give them up to have a Hot N' Now close by again.  Apparently, I'm not the only one that misses Hot N' Now's Olive Burgers, cheap fries and THE-BEST Mountain Dew ever!

Upon the news of Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge closing after weekend gun violence, my 'What If? Wednesday' question was "If you had to name one place of business (entertainment venue, restaurant, etc...) that you wish never closed, what would it be?"

After more than one hundred responses, I decided to rank the list.  There are a LOT of legendary Lansing venues on the list, along with some establishments from surrounding communities and even as far as Flint and Detroit.  But at the top of the list, with 11.5% of the total votes cast, is Hot N' Now!

Here's Our Top 10 Local Businesses We Miss...

1. Hot N' Now (11.5%)
2. Mr. Taco (7.6%)
3. Bonnie's Place (6.7%)
4. Chi-Chi's (5.7%)
5. The Silver Dollar (4.8%)
6. Los Gringos (3.8% - tie)
6. Cici's (3.8% - tie)
8. Bill Knapp's (2.8% - tie)
8. Bilbo's (2.8% - tie)
8. Discovery Zone (2.8% - tie)