Maria Shaw is back on the airwaves on 97.5 NOW-FM and telling you your horoscopes.

Ready to know what's in the stars for you for this coming week?

Maria Shaw's Horoscope For You

The magical Maria Shaw has been a star to 97.5 NOW-FM for years, stretching back to the very first few days of 97.5 NOW-FM.

Curious what next week has in store for you? Maybe a new lover? Promotion? Some extra money? Or just some good news that you need to hear?

Listen to Maria Shaw's Horoscope from this mornings morning show, below!

Maria Shaw Making An Appearance This Weekend In Lansing

Maria Shaw will be in the Lansing area on Saturday November 4th at the Comfort Inn, and you can stop by and see her.

If you're unable to make that, you can make the trip over to Frankenmuth and stop by and see her at the Bavarian Inn.

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You can catch Maria Shaw each Friday morning the 9am hour, giving you your horoscope for the upcoming week, on 97.5 NOW-FM with Chris Cruise in the Morning.

Don't miss what's in store for you and your future... maybe a new love life, or maybe some good news on an upcoming promotion. Whatever your future holds in store for you, Maria Shaw has your horoscope covered.

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