I'm a nerd for anything that happens with the planets, stars, or space in general and coming next week on Memorial Day our closet planet in space will be making its closest appearance in years. In case you didn't know its Mars and it will be closer to Earth than it has been in 11 years.

Even though I've always heard for years that it will be look bigger than the moon that is not the case. It will be very easily spotted in the sky as its red glare will get brighter and brighter as it gets closer to the Earth. The closest it will be to the Earth which will make the best chance to see Mars will be Next Monday on Memorial Day May 30th when it will be only 46.8 million miles away.

So if you have a telescope you will get a great view of it but if not you will still be able to spot it in the night sky on Monday, if its not that cloudy, as it will be a bright red spot in the sky. More details from NASA about this viewing are here.

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