I thought this was weird news too, but it's true if you live in Holt you know that there hasn't been a gas station in town for over 2 years. The last gas station to be in Holt was the Marathon at 2313 Cedar Street, but was foreclosed on in 2015. After waiting over 2 years for a new one, Holt residents won't have to wait until 2018, as a new one is about to be built.

The new gas station will be a USA 2 GO, and plans to open a specialty store and fuel center on southeast the corner of Holt and Aurelius roads. The new station will have 6 pumps, as well as a big convenience store that will sell liquor, beer and wine. The owners have good exceptions for the store and station, and it will not have any competition in terms of selling gas as the closest station will be a few miles away in any direction. The store expects to open as early as December.

To read more about the store, and to hear what the owners have to say, LSJ has it here. 


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