We have talked before about Lansing being a coffee town! Some people are territorial and love their one spot, but others like a little coffee experimentation! Well you know the holiday's are coming when Starbucks drops their holiday menu. The drink portion has not changed, but they have added a Chocolate Pistachio Swirl cinnamon bun. I like to keep my chocolate and cinnamon separate, but I do love pistachio.

The coffee has become far more competitive in recent years. McDonald's, Biggby, and plenty of others add to stuff to their selections this time of year. Dunkin has really stepped up their game.

Dunkin' Brands Considers Deal To Go Private And Sell To Private Equity Company
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There was a time when Dunkin was about as basic as it got. Black regular coffee and donuts. No flavors. Nothing special. Just basic. Those days are gone! Dunkin has a new holiday selection for your enjoyment. Cookie Butter Cold Brew and a Cookie Butter Donut are two things that I am all about. They also kept a lot of things that they had last year.

Wherever you get your coffee fix, it is a great time of year for it!  I love Pumpkin Spice until December. After that, give me a month's worth of peppermint and gingerbread. It helps you get into that seasonal mood. I wish all of the above was a little less taxing on the old debit card, but we can't change that. We can, however, enjoy them while they last. If you have a favorite beverage that we might not be hip to, let us know. Message us in the 975 app, comment on the socials, and share the love.

Latte up!


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