If you don't know already, the Disney+ app has launched, and it has everything you could ever want if you are a big Disney fan. Disney+ has every Disney TV show and movie you could ever want, including content from Disney, 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm/Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic, and Pixar. So if you want to watch those old Disney movies from your childhood and don't have a VHS, this is the perfect thing for you and your children.

But there have been a few problems that the app has run in to over the first week, so if you don't have the Disney+ app yet, this should help you make a decision on it. The first miss with this app is that there are connection issues. One reason for those issues might be because there are over 10 million users now and the app wasn't ready for that many people using the app at once. But according to some users on social media, the issues have been resolved and the app has been working without streaming issues since Thursday of last week. Another miss is that Disney+ wasn't working on all compatible devices. If you have a 3rd generation Apple TV or older, the app won't work, so make sure you upgrade your TV before getting the app (you can see all devices it will work on here). Next, another thing that some users aren't impressed with are the Disney+ original movies. If you haven't seen it, the app is advertising Lady and The Tramp remake, which had mediocre reviews, and "High School Musical: The Musical: The Series" (that's a mouthful to say), which got some bad reviews too. Finally, if you are Marvel fan, you will have to wait for the shows that Disney promised coming with the app, like waiting a year or more. There is only one Marvel show that is live now, Marvel’s Hero Project, but more will be coming later in the winter with most coming to the app by the summer. You can see more about them here. 

Now that we got over the misses of the Disney+ app, here are some of the pluses, and some are big pluses. One big plus is that you can get Disney+ in a bundle with Hulu and ESPN+ for less than $15, making this app a must-buy for some families. Next, another big plus is that there are so many unexpected TV shows and movies that have never been on VHS for decades. Some of the unexpected shows are the original Mickey Mouse Club from the 50s as well as the 90s and some movies like "Song of the South" which haven't been released to the public in decades. In addition, their original series "The Mandalorian" has gotten amazing reviews and their long-awaited season seven of “The Clone Wars” drops on Disney Plus in February (if you haven't seen the previous seasons of "The Clone Wars" and love Star Wars, you will love this show).

Getty Images for Disney
Getty Images for Disney

If you don't have Disney+, hopefully this helped you make a decision, and if you do have Disney+, you can tell me about more hits and misses on our app. Just hit the "CHAT" button.

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