Effin Eh, Cotton! High School football has been reinstated by the Governor and games will kickoff September 18th... Just 2 weeks away.

Teams are going to resume their schedules with week number 4 and play a 6 game season. They start  practice Tuesday and will get to go full pads on Thursday. So, they will have one week of full pads in practice... Should be a high scoring first few weeks. Playoffs, if they actually happen will begin at the end of November for 8 man and early December for 12 man. Click here to get the full story. There will be an extremely limited amount of fans that can attend.

Hello! This is a huge opportunity for someone to start streaming games. Schools should set up a live feed on their websites allowing people to pay to see the game. That way, they won't lose as much revenue and people from all over the world can watch. Family in other states and such.

The high school football market is just waiting to be exploited. Look how much is made from college and pro football, BILLIONS. There is a lot of money to be made from exploiting athletes. There are many fans who would pay to see it.

You have to wonder if the Big 10 will reverse course. MSU was supposed to kick off this weekend.

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