Most underwater monster legends go back hundreds of years. Monsters that were spotted in the oceans & seas of the world, the Great Lakes and even the Loch Ness Monster. But there's a reported underwater monster that is said to lie on the bottom of one of Michigan's inland lakes.....Higgins Lake in Roscommon County.

Higgins Lake has a depth of between 40 & 50 feet, so if something was there, it could be hiding at the bottom.

This monster was first reported in 2006, seen 'slinking' down in the murky depths of the otherwise clear-water lake.

A woman was out on the lake in her canoe when an unseen underwater presence attacked her. The canoe overturned, she fell in, and frantically swam ashore to safety. What was the creature's description? Yellow and slimy, with sharp spikes on its spine, and resembled some kind of reptile.

Among the game fish in Higgins Lake are pike, that have been caught and reported as big as almost 50 inches long. Huge pike have been seen in the deep as far as 30 feet down. So was it a pike that attacked the woman? If so, why would a PIKE attack her canoe?

Other huge pike have been sighted in the last few years, but also other sightings of this bizarre reptilian monster.

Mistaken identity?
Someone looking for attention by making up a story?
Or just a way to lure tourists?

Who knows...I mean, really. Who knows? There have definitely been deep water creatures that have been secret for centuries, but they were mostly much smaller. Why not grab some scuba gear and do a little deep-water diving for yourself and explore these rumors?

Also, is there a buried treasure on Higgins Lake? Very likely. CLICK HERE for details!

Either way - true or false - it sure adds to the fun of living in Michigan!


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