2020 marks the 87th anniversary of Lansing's production of Hi-Klas soda pop, which, at its peak, was the top-selling pop in five separate Mid-Michigan counties.

It began in 1933 when Louis & Morris Shankar bought out the Hire-Klas Bottling Company and re-named it "Hi-Klas Beverage Company".

In 1952 the company changed its name to Canada Dry Bottling Co. of Lansing.

Hi-Klas had some great flavors, of which their creme (or cream?) soda was my favorite. They also had Cherry Strawberry, Orange, Black Cherry, Root Beer and many others, with a total of 12 delicious flavors. The company also bottled and distributed Bubble-Up, Dad’s Root Beer, Double Cola, Frostie Root Beer, Hubba Bubba, Wink Grapefruit Soda and more.

Alas, Hi-Klas is no more, but the bottling Company is still churning out bottles and bottles of delicious pop: they currently bottle Boylan flavors, Canada Dry flavors,  Coca-Cola, Stewart's, Faygo flavors, Frostie Root Beer, Jones Soda, Reed's Ginger Ale, Tahitian Treat, Towne Club, Virgil's Micro-brews,  and many other types of drinks and refreshments.

Hi-Klas' original plant was located on Cedar Street near Tisdale Avenue. It shut down in 1983, ceasing the line of Hi-Klas sodas with it. However, Canada Dry of Lansing still distributes beverages at their current location on Pierson Street..

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