It is safe to say this year has been something out of a twisted, almost dystopian nightmare and people are feeling pretty anxious and angry.

What if we told you there was a place designed, specifically, for you to go and just absolutely unleash all that pent-up rage, get as angry as you want and even break stuff!

Think about it, if you did any of that at home, the police would probably show up or at least the people in your life would be extremely concerned. However, at a "rage room" it is encouraged!

Wikipedia defines a "rage room" (AKA "smash room" / "anger room") as "a business where people can vent their rage by destroying objects within a room."

The room can either just be a room with makeshift particle board walls or it could be a fake living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc...with things for you to smash like furniture, TVs, dishes, desks, knick-knacks and more.

There actually are some here in Michigan as well as one on the way in Lansing.

Destruction Depot, located in Whitmore Lake was featured in The Detroit News and offers up a bit more information on what "climbing aboard the rage train" is all about.

As one of the first rage rooms in the state, Destruction Depot has found success since opening in 2018.

"We get a lot of people who have been referred by therapists for therapeutic reasons," Rachel Crawford who co-owns the business with her husband Matt said. "We get people in for all different sorts of reasons."

They say they get the things people come in just to break from all over like garage sales, donations and even a e-waste business that provides them things like printers and other electronics.

Rage rooms just offer a form of catharsis and each one is unique in what they offer and allow you to do.

Need something that reminds you of your ex? They've probably got something you can smash. Sick of the printer at work? Smash one at a rage room instead of the one in the office!

If you ever want to venture to Grand Rapids, Break Room Therapy is another place you can go and have a real SMASHING time!

There even is one coming to the Lansing area for all your raging needs whether you just want to go as a fun group activity or actually do need it just for yourself.

Now, we are not sure on an opening date for the Lansing Rage Room as they last posted on Instagram on March 7th...unfortunate timing...

More and more rage rooms are popping up all around the state and we are sure you know someone or you are someone who could use one after the year we have had!

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