I'm sure you have seen all of the news about the newest Atlantic Hurricane headed towards the Carolinas but if you were wondering how big it is compared to Michigan, now you can see it. The storm, which has roughly 10 million people on alert, could cause wind surges over 100 miles per hour and dump 40 inches of rain up and down the east coast. Florence is already making large waves and is expected to hit land tonight or early Friday morning.

You can see how big this hurricane is as the National Hurricane Center has multiple radar pictures and have superimposed the image of the hurricane over the state. The National Hurricane Center at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has multiple looks at Hurricane Florence and the entire country via satellite. So below you can see how massive this storm really is as compared to Michigan.

NOAA & National Hurricane Center
NOAA & National Hurricane Center

You can also see more on Hurricane Florence here. 

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