We are in new territory with the coronavirus, but if you are having to stay home the next week or so and looking for things to watch maybe check out my watch list. Just a heads up before I start the list, I'll be grabbing shows from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, so if even if you don't have all of them you will still be able to take suggestions on the streaming networks you do have.

On Netflix:

  • Me and my girlfriend are still finishing "The Great British Baking Show" but I definitely recommend it cause I love their accents and all of the food looks so nice.
  • "The Good Place" I wasn't going to watch this but my girlfriend has been watching and I sometimes catch it out of the corner of my eye and I really like it so I'll give it a shot especially since I'll have time.
  • This is definitely not a show for under 14 year olds but season 2 of "The End of the F***ing World" is a such a strange but interesting show. I can't explain it in one or two sentences but its a show where when you start it you can't stop and will finish it quickly. Plus there are only 8 episodes but you will miss it when it is over.
  • The show that I have had countless people tell me to watch is "Schitt's Creek". I watched the first few episodes but never got too into it like everyone else, but with these episodes being only 20 mins it makes it easy to watch. Plus I'm a fan of pretty much everyone on the show.
  • I'm going sci-fi on this next show cause I always like to have at least one ready. I have heard nothing but amazing things, I've also heard freaky things about it but that makes me more interested in, "Maniac" which also has Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in it. You can see more Netflix suggestions here.

On Amazon Prime

  • One of my favorite shows is on Amazon Prime and I'd reccommend this show for anyone that loves history or sci-fi and that is "The Man in the High Castle". Ican't begin to explain what happens on the show cause so much does, but its a alternative-reality-history show. If that doesn't intrigue you I have other picks.
  • Another show that has gotten a lot of attention is "Veep", which has won several awards and has a lot of fans which stopped it from getting cancelled or ending a few times. I have watched a few of them and love a group cast and this show has all of that.
  • Here's another fun show I got into last summer and watched the first season, but there are still a few more of "Red Oaks". Its a fun show about a teenager working at a country club in New Jersey in the 1990s, so if you love the 90s this show is for you. Plus its an easy show to watch and you could finish it before the summer kicks off.
  • I'm going to make my girlfriend watch this show, and also so I can watch it again, "Deadwood". The critically acclaimed show was only on HBO for 3 seasons but its so good it will make you wish there was more (Note there is a Deadwood movie on HBO). If you are looking for a show that will bring you back to the Old West this is it, and it even includes real people and stories from that time.
  • "Sneaky Pete" was one of Amazon's original shows and its so cool and will make you question a lot of stuff especially about Identity Theft.
  • More Amazon Prime binge watch suggestions here

On Hulu

  • If you aren't watching it yet, its the show that has rave reviews, but might bum you out after watching, "Handmaid's Tale". This is a great show for anyone and can really make you think about the future, but again it could also bum you out due to the content of it.
  • I never watched the show when it was on TV in the early 2010s but it is back on Hulu for a limited series its "Veronica Mars". Again I never watched the show when it was originally on UPN/CW about 15 years ago but I started watching this mystery limited series and got so into it. Its a perfect show for teens and 30-somethings with its witty banter and fun story.
  • Here's a great show that was on FX back in the early 2000s but you can relive it on Hulu, and that is "The Shield". You have to be ready for violence and language but its a great piece of TV history that will get you addicted quickly.
  • More Hulu suggestions here.
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