A handful of protesting parents -- some of whom don't have students in Durand schools -- have been standing in front of the city's high school over the past few days after one parent of a Durand student says her son was told to remove his U.S. Marines belt buckle bearing the American flag because it might offend someone.

The following day, the Superintendent issued a statement via DurandNOW.com, saying "the Durand school district is supportive of all things patriotic...students are always able to wear patriotic clothing" and that he had spoken with the group of protesters and that it was a "very positive conversation."

The mother of the student in question seemed to support that notion, posting a comment on Facebook that read "the supernantent [sic] was supportive. .and is correcting the issue:)."

What is clear is that nothing is clear.

Protesters gathering outside the high school on Friday marks day three of the effort, and the mother, Shawn Bignell Miner-Hall, says her son is owed an apology by the high school's Assistant Principal whom she says is the administrator responsible for the issue, and a subsequent meeting in which she alleges her son was made to write a statement under duress, in the presence of the school's police liaison, denying the entire incident ever happened.

Durand's Superintendent, Craig McCrumb, who says the Assistant Principal knows the student and has been supportive of his desire to entire the Marines after graduation, acknowledges the meeting did occur, and that the school's police liaison was present, but that the statement was not forced, but rather, requested as clarification because of the understandable sensitivity of the situation.

Meanwhile, Miner-Hall has said that since she first posted about the alleged incident between her son and the school, "a couple other moms have came [sic] forward and saying they have had the same issue."

Sifting through the muck of accusations and Facebook fuss is exhausting and, arguably, pointless.  Regardless of who is telling the truth or half-truth or lying by omission, the situation was seemingly amicably resolved early on.  So why the continued protest?

Protesters say they want to make sure it doesn't happen again.