The well-coiffed Harry Styles of One Direction had a breakdown. But not the kind that would require him to drop out of public view and deal with his issues after throwing a hissy fit and shaving his head. Ahem. As if.

If anything, Hazza appears to be very well-adjusted young chap. He merely had a vehicular breakdown in L.A. and had to call AAA to rescue him from his plight.

We know, Directioners, we know. You'd have volunteered readily to help Hazza in his predicament.

H. Styles was tooling around L.A. when the bike broke down. He managed to get out of traffic and get the vehicle to the side of the road. He had to rely on the towing service to move the bike and take it to the repair shop, as well as to give him a lift.

The 1D heartthrob later tweeted that he was stoked to rehearse for the band's upcoming tour.

And be careful on that motorcycle, Harry! We don't care if a helmet messes up those flawless locks of yours, young man.