The number of cases of Covid-19 in connection with Harper's Brewpub in East Lansing continues to climb and reach all across Michigan.

At present Harper's remains closed and according to WNEM TV5 the number of cases in connection with the brewpub has risen to at least 85 as of June 27th.

And the worst case scenario has indeed begun to unfold. Because people who visited Harper's returned home and spread it to someone in their community. Drastically effecting the numbers almost 100 miles away. And mind you, this is just the story in one community.

According to multiple families that  are now in quarantine, one of those students who visited Harper's came into contact with a friend who held a huge house party in Grosse Pointe Woods, where dozens of friends partied without masks and social distancing, they said. (Freep)

So one student who went to Harper's returned home. Went to another party. And just like in East Lansing, they partied without taking precautions.

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And the aftermath?

It's driving up numbers in that community as well.

This is the toxic combination that has led to a new wave of COVID-19 cases in the Grosse Pointe community, where at least 30 new cases in recent days have been tied to an outbreak at a popular East Lansing bar almost 100 miles away.(Freep)

So 85 new cases in East Lansing and an additional 30 new cases in Grosse Pointe. That we know of.

This is just one bar in one town and how it has spread quite easily to another and impacted their numbers in a matter of weeks.

The numbers continue to grow and climb and spike in Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

Please, this is not a joke. This is not a hoax. Take precautions to protect yourself and others.

For the latest Michigan Covid-19 updates, head HERE.

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