Award-Winning Musical "Hamilton" Draws Throngs To Broadway
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There are only a few ways you can get your tickets for Hamilton at the Wharton Center. The show is May 14th through June 2nd. Single show tickets go on sale THIS SATURDAY March 23rd. Here are the only ways you can get them.

Tickets will be available online, in person at Wharton Center Ticket Office, and by phone at 1-800-WHARTON on Saturday, March 23, 2019 at 10am.

They have set up a handy FAQ page HERE. And they answer everything from price, how many you can buy at one time, if you camp overnight, the wristband policy, and more.

The only place you can buy the tickets ONLINE is through

Once the engagement has begun, you might be able to (if you're really lucky) graby some tickets via lottery for $10 bucks. But that can only happen through THE HAMILTON APP.

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Bob and Tara from the Wharton Center stopped by and we chatted about all things Hamilton at the Wharton Center. It's a two part interview you can hear below. Enjoy! And we'll see you at the show.

Part 1

Part 2

The official press release from The Wharton Center about ticket scams is below.







EAST LANSING, MI — Have you ever purchased tickets to an event at Wharton Center and received your tickets only to find that you paid far above the ticket price printed on the tickets – sometimes three and four times the value?  You may have purchased your tickets from a fraudulent website!  With so many high-profile and popular events coming to Wharton Center, including HAMILTON, we have found more and more patrons are being exploited by unscrupulous ticket resellers.  Oftentimes our tickets are being marketed on secondary ticket sites before the operator of the site has even purchased tickets – and they are being sold at prices far above the price you will pay through Wharton Center’s site – THE OFFICIAL SOURCE:  For a very pertinent example, HAMILTON tickets aren’t even on sale yet.  They won’t go on sale until this Saturday, March 23 at 10:00 a.m. at Wharton Center’s official ticketing outlets: online at, at the Auto-Owners Insurance Ticket Office at Wharton Center, or by calling 1-800-WHARTON.   If you go online before Saturday, March 23, you will notice many sites offering to sell you HAMILTON tickets.  If you purchase your tickets from these sites you risk the following:


  • You might pay too much for your tickets
  • You may have paid for invalid tickets
  • You may not be able to get help from Wharton Center’s ticketing staff if you have a problem, because there will be no in-house record of your transaction. We also cannot contact you if there is a change of performance time, traffic notices, or to provide any other special information.


Below are a few recommendations to avoid being ensnared by unscrupulous ticket resellers:


  • Bookmark our website, for ticket and show information. Do not google Wharton Center and click on a link.  Instead, type into your internet address line.
  • Fraudulent websites may use our name, use a version or part of our name, or a misspelling of Wharton Center in their web address, so it is important to note our actual site address.
  • Be aware that we do NOT partner with any secondary ticketing company or reseller – if you see our tickets on sale on these resale sites, please check our site FIRST, or give us a call. You will frequently find tickets for sale (usually at a lower price) directly from us
  • Some sites will advertise our tickets for sale before they go on sale to the public. Be aware that these vendors have not purchased the tickets they are marketing – and you may pay an inflated price for premium seat locations and receive tickets that are very different than what you think you paid for.
  • Sign up for our eClub on our website to receive information directly from Wharton Center.
  • Beware of any seller who sends you a debit card to pick up tickets at Will Call – this is the sign of an unscrupulous sale. The tickets you pick up at Will Call with that debit card are likely to be at a much lower face-value than you paid.


We urge you to protect yourself by purchasing directly from the official source for Wharton Center tickets – buy your tickets at our windows, at or by phone at 1-800-WHARTON (1-800-942-7866), starting this Saturday, March 23.

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