If you weren't convinced by Hailey Baldwin and Shawn Mendes' repeated insistence that they're just friends, you can say with fair certainty that whatever relationship they may or may not have had is officially over.

Over the weekend, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Baldwin, who was rumored to be dating Mendes as recently as May, had scrubbed every photo of him from her Instagram feed. Mendes still has pictures of Baldwin on his account, and they continue to follow each other, but if there's any merit to social media appearances, it seems they've hit some sort of hiccup.

The gesture comes amid reports that Baldwin has reunited with Justin Bieber, who she briefly dated between 2015 and 2016. Like with Mendes, she hasn't officially confirmed anything, but over the last month, has been far from shy about engaging in PDA: She and Bieber have been spotted holding hands, making out, and even sporting a diamond ring (But don't worry, Beliebers, they're not engaged).

Mendes, who's since been unceremoniously hit with a deluge of "are they or aren't they" questions, recently weighed in on the whole thing during an interview with Canadian TV show etalk. "I don't know if they're dating or not," he said when asked about Beiber and Balwdin. "I love them both. They're both really awesome people."

On-Again, Off-Again Celebrity Couples

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